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Have you ever wanted more Titans than were available in Titanfall 2? Have you ever felt unhappy with the Titans and other design choices that Respawn Entertainment made thinking that they could have done more? Well then, I've got you covered. In my spare time I have created Titans that follow the MOBA esque nature of Titanfall 2's favorite war machines and created my own versions that each bring a unique strategy that might never have been thought of or do similar things to the existing models but in new and exciting ways.

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  • new page Huntress-Stryder Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Main Weapon: Needle Auto-Cannon: A one handed belt fed auto cannon capable of automatic fire while sprinting. Has 35 rounds and is very quick to...
  • new page Cauldron-Atlas Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Main Weapon: Phasic Rifle: An experimental prototype automatic weapon which fires moderately fast projectiles that distort space-time around the...
  • new page Able-Stryder Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Able: Stryder Titan  Main Weapon: Arcbolt Rifle: A laser rifle with a low but reliable fire rate. 20 rounds in a magazine and a 4 second reload time....
  • new page Blackjack-Atlas Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Main Weapon: Gambler: A lever action grenade launcher that fires shells with differing damage profiles and effects. (1) High Explosive Shells: Have a...
  • new page Cosmos-Ogre Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Cosmos: Ogre Titan Main Weapon: Gravity Forge: An experimental prototype powered by Arc technology. Holding primary fire charges these shots and...
  • new page Torch-Stryder Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Torch: Stryder Titan Main Weapon: Thermal Welding Gun: A thermite powered welding weapon capable of cutting through enemy Titan armor and...
  • new page Warthog-Atlas Titan
    created by Junkodefiant
    New page: Inspired by the A-10 Thunderbolt which shares the namesake of this Titan. The Warthog is an all range Titan armed and outfitted similarly to its...
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    edited by Junkodefiant diff
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